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Important Information about Redditch Driving School

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Important Information about Redditch Driving School
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Important Information about Redditch Driving School

Welcome to the Main Section of Redditch Driving School Web Site.

This section includes general details and information about Redditch Driving School, including the services that we are able to offer; the prices for our different services; details about gift vouchers should you want to consider giving driving lessons as a present; and details of the areas in which Redditch Driving School and our sister companies are able to offer driving lessons.

Other sections of the Redditch Driving School website are devoted to:

Important Information about Redditch Driving School

All of the general information about the services offered, the types of course, areas in which Redditch Driving School teach and the prices

Learning to Drive with Redditch Driving School

Redditch Driving School is able to offer different types of courses to help you to learn to drive.

Hourly driving lessons may be the solution for some people learning to drive, they are easy to fit around other committments, and it spreads the cost.

A Semi Intensive Driving Course, or an Intensive Driving Course will suit some people's requirements better, the whole process of learning to drive and passing the driving test can be fitted into just a few weeks

Theory and Practical Driving Tests Guide

There are a lot of myths, misconceptions and generally inaccurate information about the theory test, the hazard perception test and the practical driving test.

Redditch Driving School have produced guides giving accurate, up to date information that will help you to prepare for your theory test, hazard perception test and practical driving test, understanding how the tests work, how they are assessed, and the different ways in which you can prepare for the tests, gives a much better chance of success.

Full Licence Holders Driver Training

Driving Lessons are not just for learner drivers

There are various reasons why a full licence holder might consider driving tuition from Redditch Driving School

People will often have some form of training for something that they can already do

Why would driving be any different?

Taxi Driver Training from Redditch Driving School

Most councils include a driving test or driving assessment as part of the qualifying process to become a taxi driver, whether it is hackney carriage, black cab, or private hire.

Redditch Driving School can help you to prepare for the practical driving test to become a taxi driver, and can give information on how you can prepare for the other elements of the qualification process

Advanced, Defensive and Eco Driving with Redditch Driving School

There are three organisations offering Advanced Driving Tests, Redditch Driving School can help you to prepare for any of them

Whether you want to take an Advanced Driving Test or not, developing your skills to an advanced standard, will make you a safer, more confident driver, and it reduces your risk of being involved in a crash

Driving Instructor Training and Jobs

Redditch Driving School, in conjuction with our sister company Driving Instructor Trainers is able to offer training for anyone wanting to become a driving instructor

The qualification is Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor

Once qualified Redditch Driving School and our sister companies may be able to offer you work as a driving instructor

If you are already qualified as a Driving Instructor, get in touch with Redditch Driving School or one of our sister companies to see what vacancies we have

Driving Instructor Trainers is also able to provide training for Driving Instructors that want to further develop their skills

Terms of Business: Redditch Driving School

Terms of business are generally not the most interesting reading material, but they are a necessary requirement between any business and their clients, these documents outline the standards that Redditch Driving School aim to deliver, and the terms on which we offer our services. Our aim is to provide a good and professional service, to abide by all legal requirements, and to have a relationship with our clients that is fair to both parties

Redditch Driving School Professional Code of Conduct gives details of the standards and behaviour that we set ourselves

Redditch Driving School Terms and Conditions of Business explains the details of the agreement or contract that we have with our clients

Redditch Driving School Privacy and Data Protection Policy explains how we use and safeguard any information that we have about you

Redditch Driving School Website Terms and Conditions explains the terms for using this website

Special Offers from Redditch Driving School

Redditch Driving School aim to provide a high quality, professional service at a competitive price, additionally we usually have special offers, these offers may be withdrawn or changed at any time

Other Resources

Details of other websites that are useful for people learning to drive or for drivers

Law & Documentation A Driver’s Guide

There are many legal requirements in relation to driving and owning a car, Redditch Driving School have prepared guides to help you to understand more about owning a car, driving licences, road tax, car insurance and the MOT test

Get In Touch with Redditch Driving School

How to Contact Redditch Driving School, or book a driving lesson appointment