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Taxi Driving Test Preparation

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Taxi Driving Test Preparation

Taxi Driving Test Preparation from Redditch Driving School

Redditch Driving School can offer driving tuition to help prepare candidates for a Taxi Driving Test, both Hackney Carriage, Black Cab and Private Hire.

Passing a Taxi Driving Test is a requirement of most local authorities for anyone wanting to drive either a Black Cab or a Private Hire Vehicle.

Taxi Driver Qualification Process

Local Councils each set their own qualifying criteria to become a taxi driver, which can include:

The exact criteria for each council is usually available on their website, some councils will include tests on some aspects that other councils do not assess.

The theory elements of the taxi driver qualifying process will need private study, particularly the geographical knowledge test when a council includes it.

Redditch Driving School can offer driving tuition to help prepare candidates for a Taxi Driving Test, both Hackney Carriage, Black Cab and Private Hire.

Taxi Driving Test

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer conduct Taxi Driving Tests and local authorities use alternative organisations to conduct taxi driving tests.

Some local authorities such as Birmingham City Council conduct their own driving tests ‘in house’, other local councils use external specialist organisations such as Diamond Advanced Motorists to conduct Taxi Driving Tests.

Taxi driving tests are set at a high standard, they are not the same as the learner driving test, and even having many years of driving experience does not guarantee that your driving is of the required standard.

Candidates for Taxi Driving Tests would benefit from a course of driving lessons to refresh and update their driving skills, in order to ensure that they pass the Taxi Driving Test.

Redditch Driving School can arrange Driving Courses either as a series of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3 hour driving lessons, or more intensively as from a 1 to 5 day Intensive Driving Course.

Taxi Driving Lesson and Intensive Taxi Driving Course Prices

Taxi Driving Test Preparation, Hackney Carriage, Black Cab and Private Hire

Taxi Driving LessonsManualAutomatic
1 Hour Taxi Driving Lesson£36.00£40.00
1.5 Hour Taxi Driving Lesson£54.00£60.00
2 Hour Taxi Driving Lesson£72.00£80.00
2.5 Hour Taxi Driving Lesson£90.00£100.00
3 Hour Taxi Driving Lesson£108.00£120.00
Intensive Taxi Driving CoursesManualAutomatic
1 Day Intensive Taxi Driving Course£270.00£300.00
2 Day Intensive Taxi Driving Course£540.00£600.00
3 Day Intensive Taxi Driving Course£810.00£900.00
4 Day Intensive Taxi Driving Course£1080.00£1200.00
5 Day Intensive Taxi Driving Course£1350.00£1500.00

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